Abaddon the unknown angel.

Enough about love and relationships, time to get back to business. There are for possible five angels names  mentioned in the bible, one  or two I would like to being to your attention. We know, Gabriel, and Micheal, on the side of good, how about Lucifer, and  Abaddon, these guys are on the bad side. Are you guys aware that these two angels were in heaven at one time and choose to leave. Interesting huh, we are trying to reach heaven to dwell with our heavenly father, these guys had it and gave it up.

Makes you wonder huh? Well we all know, Lucifer, who is shown as being evil, horse like or goat like in pictures, its just not true, the bible shows him as being beautiful, and almost godlike so much so, he couldn’t counter bexist bwith God in heaven, he didn’t leave but was kicked out.This just shows you, that things that are beautiful, don’t always have to be good……..

Abaddon, in the bible, is a fallen angel , who is the chief of  all demons in the seventh hierarchy.He is the destroyer, or King of the grasshoppers. You worry about Lucifer, this is the guy you need to worry about.

I have a theory, Angels from both sides are recruiting for the end of the world, when the last  great war will occur. If the good guys are recruiting so are the bad guys…In  any type of war, do the generals recruit, soldiers for war? In this last battle, where Jesus will fight, who will be there with him, not God? Lucifer will sit on his throne too. In the final war between good and evil, which side are you on?

I don’t think God makes the little kids have cancer? I feel the demons do, Lucifer has his angels, who go around, recruiting, for his army, creates people like Hitler, and these demons have to live, they thrive on negative energy, and must associate with people who are negative. Want to feed a demon….be negative, feed Abaddon, and his demons, do you think Gods angels go to negative people? My theory, God has angels, who produce positive energy, saints, miracles etc. Lucifer has his demons, who produce pain, sorrow, despair, negativity, depression. I feel this blog is self explanatory

Feed the demons, be negative. or invite an angel into your life, be positive………….


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