You’re Dead. …No I’m Not!

You’re dead. …no I’m not!

Okay, so I know my last story was a bit heart touching. Hopefully this will be tad more educational.

Have you ever dealt with a stubborn person who is going to believe whatever it is they want regardless of what you say or prove to them?

Sometimes, some poor souls (meaning dead people) are like that. If someone, for example, is suicidal, they may not necessarily go to what most people refer to as hell.

It’s my firm believe that, God (or whatever name you prefer to reference a higher power or spirit than yourself), is not like that. They are assigned a task on earth, and regardless of the number of takes, you must learn the lessons of death that you just can’t learn while alive…death is a transitional period.

Just because you can’t see it or touch it doesn’t mean the spirit, your life force, etc, doesn’t cease to exist. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It has to go somewhere.

I’ve spoken with them…referring to the dead. They do ask questions and can monopolize my time. They will say things to me that reflect the daily necessary evils of life such as “I have to pay rent, wash the car, eat, have a drink, etc.”

And I will explain to them that they actually don’t have to worry about these trivial matters anymore…they just don’t apply to them!

Dead people can live in denial too. I have to break it to them gently. It doesn’t matter how I approach it, it’s always a sensitive subject. Ghosts are stubborn. Ghosts are energetic entities that have not transitioned fully to the next step in the spiritual life. They are somewhere in between for whatever myriad of reasons…

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