Predatory People?

My female clients are asking me why men like strip clubs. Here is my answer.

Men are visual.

And before I go on, I’m making a blanket statement – these are just my general observations of the dating population as a whole. These statements may not even apply to you or your situation or the person of interest.

Women like to tell a man, “I want you to love me for my insides. I do not want you to love me for my outside. Just because I am not a supermodel, doesn’t mean I am not a sweet, loving, caring person on the inside.”

When a man goes shopping for a car, he is going to want to look at the car. If he doesn’t like the exterior of the car, he won’t even bother to drive it or look under the hood. This may sound very superficial, but this is the truth. There has to have some attractiveness element to a woman in order for a man to become interested in her.

Now, a interesting bit of advice. Ladies, never go out clubbing when you are emotionally damaged! Men are hunters, during prehistoric times, men developed hunting skills, and became more efficient. They could, see the weak, old, the easy kill.

I once had a friend that could walk into a club, and find a woman who was emotionally available by simply sniffing the air (this is just an example).

Ladies, men are hunters, evolution has provided us with the ability to hunt, and we still do. When, men hunted, they always hunted in packs, men go clubbing in groups.

They hunted with spears, the modern day spear is the penis. After, the big hunt, they set around the fire, telling hunting stories, to teach and brag about the kill. As men do today, about sexual conquest, while women were back in the cave, evolving parenting skills, men were evolving, better ways to hunt………the hunting grounds are bars and clubs now…

Men are based on logic, women on emotion. When it comes to maintaining relationships, this is how many (but not all!) men view them as. I’m communicating this in a way a man views it.
This may hit a nerve. Here’s my example. Men see maintaining a relationship like maintaining the oil in a car or washing it. They get an oil change every 3000 miles or wash it when the weather is decent.
Then why can’t a man buy his girlfriend, fiancee or wife and surprise her with flowers every few months?
Some men have the ability to hear a strange sound under the hood of the car. They try to open it up and fix it. Why then, is it men can’t hear the sounds of a woman’s heart?
Let’s face it. Some men are better than others at paying more attention to their car and are better at paying attention to the important woman in their lives.
They can hear the sound of a woman’s heart…This is not something they are born with but something they develop and learn over time as they age.
Just a thought…

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