Mammy Mentality….

Okay ladies, I am a romantic intuitive and I’m going to reveal some truth that is controversial. You may not like it. But here we go. My audience is primarily African american women. I am a single male and deal with the same problem. I refuse to date a woman who has children and has never been married. I just find it doesn’t work for me. I was married and had my son married. I want a woman who had a child married. This is my personal preference…


Do a Google search for “mammy mentality” and you’ll see how many people are observing the same trend.

I have gotten the question, why are the brothers, dating outside their race answer that is easy. Based on pretty much all the African American males I have spoken with, it comes down to Mammy mentality. Let me try to explain. Oh boy am I going to get busted over this one!!!!

I have a African-American mother, who calls four times a week telling me what to do. I love her and I say, “Okay mom…” She earned it. She is my mother. In dating I don’t want another mom….plain and simple, I just don’t. You ladies as a whole are incredible people. In slavery times, not only did you run your own house, but you ran the masters too,. From breast feeding his children to giving him advice, you were the head of the household. Without the Mammy, our race would not have survived…

However, fast forward to the 21st century. Ladies, it’s time to give this mentality up. Like the buggy whip, this mentality is over. We are men. We do not need the Mammy attitude anymore. And we don’t want it, plain and simple. I can take care of my business. If I want your advice, I will simply ask for it.

Walk besides me, my  sister, not in front of me, as you had to for years. I currently have a mission to reinvent the African American male. Stop trying to rule, and we will stay with you out of pride, not out of fear. As my male clients say, let go of the Mammy and the attitude. Or get ready for a world of mixed children, because we will date outside our race.  A man has a choice, as a woman, and the statistics are showing the truth. Send the Mammy back to the plantation, and lets get on with it…


Mammy mentality is the possible genetic connection between the mother of the slavery genre and today’s modern African-American woman. She shakes her head with the “I know everything attitude” as portrayed in the move “Gone With The Wind.” That movie shows the mammy as the head of the black family.

This explains an African-American’s attitude. It is genetic. These traits bring problems to the modern women. The dominance and aggressive behaviors are traits of the mammy from the plantation days. She ran the household and took care of even the men after a long back-breaking day in the fields.

African-American men can’t stand this mentality and date outside the race. This way of thinking is outdated like the buggy whip. They have outlived their useful purpose.


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