Aftermath valentines day 2015.

I am getting the rejection phone calls about rejection on valentines day’ this is a funny yet sad story, about  a dozen roses, that were not delivered properly, and how it totally destroyed a relationship.

Derrick went to the florist, and ordered the special, it was ten roses, carnations, a bottle of wine, some candy, glasses, and a card. This should do it right, it didn’t.

The nightmare begins, due to the fact that four identical buildings exist in pretty much the same area things got mixed up and the flowers got delivered  to the wrong house. So to make a long story short, the wrong person got flowers and another sat in the house crying, building up anger towards her boyfriend,,,,

I got the call at about 3pm pacific time, it was a hot call she was…….mad!!!! he didn’t send me a thing for valentines day!!!! She yelled. I said to calm down. she said I  hate him, I replied, you cannot have a relationship based on a present. she replied, I can and i will!

Ok, I was asked to figure why no gift, I said, he sent you a gift, I am getting that he did, I told her think, don’t over react, wait one day before she does anything. I am doomed ,I knew she wouldn’t , listen as she called his number and left him a voice-mail

Fate entered the picture again, he couldn’t even answer the phone. She said, damn asshole, after all I have done , you couldn’t even think enough of me to give me a present, my sister got one, my gay cousin got one, but you….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh. You are worthless, and I never want to see you again, we are over…….OVER!

He never responded, but the next day the florist knocked on her door saying, it had been delivered to the wrong address, hey the lady kept it wasn’t until the boyfriend called, did they realize this happened. When did he order this, she asked, he said five days ago…….She calls and calls, he doesn’t respond

Ladies, I warned her. She made a decision, based on emotion, I was right, who continues to call a psychic that is wrong, and now she has to make up for this. I ask you ladies, how do you makeup with a guy, when you are totally and completely wrong……?

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