Another run in with a ghost.

I was a young boy, with two coon hounds, we were out hunting raccoons, one night, a coon, took off, my dogs Duke and Duchess., rain the thing around, and I walked, and walked, till I was loss. I ended up in a ditch, then the strangest thing happened.

Coyotes, I was had, 12 of them, and one of me, I was loss, had me two dogs and was surrounded by coyotes, I sat down, and found a bottle, it was from 1926, I assumed it was something someone had, and no one had seen in years, so I took it and put it in my pocket.  I was scared, and alone, in the wood, and surrounded by wild animals, I was also lost….which was…….weird.

All, of a sudden a tall white guy came up on me, he touched me on my shoulder and said….”Beautiful night, for coon hunting!”  I looked over and saw him, wow, great, life got better, he said his name, was Mike Pinkstaff, I shook his hand told him my name and he said , don’t worry about the coyotes, he had taken care of them. We talked about “LUCKY LINDY”, no big deal to ,me I am a aviation buff. I felt weird , he was talking in present tense. I should him my 1926 bottle, he said he had dropped it yesterday, it was garbage, I tried to give it back to him, and he dropped it on the ground again. I said, can I have it, it was a medicine bottle, and would be worth some money, he simply said, he had just bought it a couple of days ago….???? I said, wow, ok,,, not thinking anything of it.

He asked me how old I was, I told him about 14, he said its late, he then told me how to get home, I had to go through the old cemetery, walk for about half a mile, and I would see the blacktop. I said goodbye and Mike was gone…So, I got to walking, came to the cemetery, was walking when I noticed a tombstone, I don’t know, but  just  knew it, I looked at the stone, with my light, MIKE PINKSTAFF….I to this day, have never found this cemetery again……….

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