Do the dead even realize that they are dead.

Ghost are spotted, in all kinds of places, I have spotted them in both good and bad situations, and have a theory, everyone has a theory about heaven, its about going to a place that has everything that makes you happy correct?

So if you love the flamingo hotel, you come back to haunt it (Bugsey Siegel), The officers on the hornet, loved the ship, and chose to spend eternity there. Whatever you loved here, you can’t do there, but you can come back here, and do it, heaven is what makes you happy, if you played golf, well you come back here to play golf. Imagine the movies that are being made, by the great actors who love to make them……heaven.

I am going to tell you a story about a young man  who I went to college with, who fell in love, and she dumped him, and he went to the watertower on campus, and jumped. He was my friend, I went to the spot he landed and he was there.He looked like a cross between, Gilligan, and the lead nerd from revenge of the nerds.They had cleaned up his body, and his mom had come to campus and took him away.  I want to say goodbye, as all the candles, and pictures were there…all he could say..yes his ghost was there, I am so busted, my mom is going to be so pissed, my paper for physics, is late. He looked at me as I told him, ah…….don’t really think you are going to have to worry about that… My insurance is late, I said don’t worry about it, he said, oh my have you seen all the buffalo on the levee, There was a buffalo trail by the river, the buffalo died off about 100 years ago, he was dead, and didn’t even know it. We talked about all the things he was suppose to do, he had on the same shirt, we talked….people its not what you think, he remember nothing about his jump off the tower, nothing. I spent hours telling him, he didn’t have to worry about his car payments….Lets get something straight, the dead, in a lot of cases, don’t know they are dead, and heaven is not what you think,,,,,,,,I told him, he was dead,,,,,all he could say was, no way, the dead also have no concept of time So, I wonder, if he is still there…………I will go back there next time I go to see mom, and see……

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