Preditory People….The name of my new book.

Men hunt, and have hunted to survive, has done so for years, millions of years to be exact.Women and men have evolved in different directions because of factors like the environment, the weather, factors which allow us to be more productive and give us a edge. A woman can be more compassionate when it comes to kids, more loving and nurturing, I didn’t know about just how evolution affected us till I went hunting with my mom about 20 years ago.

When I was a young boy, my grandpa wanted a boy, and my grandmother wanted a girl. So’ I would go outside and replace the spark plugs in my grandpas, Hudson hornet, he would give me a nod of approval, and to this date I can work on cars, then I would go in and see my grandma, who would tell me to wash up change my clothes, and proceed to teach me how to make a apple pie from scratch, I have pictures of me winning the 4h fair with my shredded apple pie recipe.

I am a single parent, raised my son alone for 21, years, and I had to fight all my urges to be a total man and learn to (with effort) use my female qualities, I did it, I adapted, but it was far from easy.

My mom wanted to surprise my dad by going deer hunting with him, she had never hunted deer before, she wanted me to teach her, I was reluctant, she just didn’t have the killer instinct, the same one I had refined for years, which was passed down genetically by the years and years of constant refinement of my ancestors, and theirs and so on and so on.

I started by having my mom get her gear together, checking my and her weapon, advising her to go out back and shoot her weapon getting to know it, she asked why, I told her, when the shell comes out of the barrel you want to be able to calculate a margin of error , of the unforeseen variable of gun barrel length, the type of shell the kick of the gun, all things I just took for granted, but I began to realize, it was instinctive for me, but a chore for her.

I can calculate in my head, wind velocity, angle of drop, which deer is the ideal target, just by looking at the deer, to a novice, this is impossible, but after years, of adapting, the instinct is in me. from that I calculated, my law of Genetic manipulation, which is simple. Men have been genetically programed and conditioned to hunt, the weak the easy kill, whether it be a animal…..or in the case of dating, women.

The law of genetic manipulation, postulated and formulated by me, simply states, that man, over years of evolution has developed instincts that to this day carry over to dating, lets make a simple comparison, this coupled, with his determination to get his genetic material into as many females as he can, has created, a genetically programed breeding machine.

Check out the similarities, when men use to hunt in the past, the night before we would prepare our weapons, spears sharpened, all equipment readied, and talk about the best hunting grounds, in modern days this would be the best bar… or club. Next, what  are we hunting, bear, deer, different game require different methods, modern day, blonds, red heads, divorced, emotionally damaged, hec now there are dating sites for the divorced now, making the hunt so much easier for us.

Ladies, I once had a friend,  who had this so down pat, he could walk into a bar, and tell which woman was emotionally damage, and could look at them, and know exactly what to say to get them to go home with him.

It was pack hunting plain and simple, we always want to go out in groups, just like prehistoric times. Each, member of our group had his on specialized talent, for hunting.

Postulating, we evolved into predatory people who while ladies were home taking care of the children, we became hunters…. Did this go away, nope we still hunt. and can sense  the emotionally damaged, only now we don’t stab them with a spear, we use our penis.

The hunt is over, and just like his ancestors, the man brags about his kill……ladies, do not go out emotionally damaged, because of years of evolution, we know how to hunt…….and we always go for the easy kill…


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