Purple head haunted bridge ….

I am often asked, what the heck did you do, as a psychic kid So, I’ve decided to tell you some stories of when I was a kid, and how my gift affected everyone. This is about a haunted bridge, which we used to scare girls into our arms.”Lets go to the haunted bridge, my best friend Len said”. It would never fail, go to the haunted bridge, and the ladies, would jump into your arms and not let go, this bridge is in Vincennes Ind., and was used during the slave times for the underground railroad, and during the indian wars numerous people were killed there. During the 60’s the KKK lynched people there. Doesn’t make much sense now,During my college days, to get a lady scared and all over you, seemed like a great, idea…….

Hmm, you knew a girl liked you if she agreed to go to the bridge with you, at about 2am in the morning…..no brainer……it was five miles from any form of civilization, and many of helpless girl went and found out what put out or get out meant, its amazing what a fifth of everclear will do with a young girls ability to defend her morals…..sheesh…

We went to the bridge, music blasting from the stereo. (Warning I would like to put in a warning for psychic people right here, never go to a haunted place, when I was younger didn’t know how powerful my gift was, tonight I found out!) So we turned the stereo off, and heard moaning, which was unusual, we thought this must be another couple! I saw a bright light, further down the road, actually down the bridge, they got in the car and tried to hide , I got out and walked to it. There was a man there, he told me that I should hide or the slave traders would get me. I noticed he was bare foot and his teeth were terrible, he proceeded to ask me about my papers, and if I was a free man. he also asked of all the bodies, that were scattered on the south shore of the river, I looked sure enough, tons of bodies were scattered on the shore of the wabash river, only some of them still moved. I realized, all these were dead, and I was having a experience. My friends were still hiding in the car, which would not start, as I had, and finished my talk with the ghost.

When Len honked his horn and turned his lights on, they all disappeared. I promised myself, that tomorrow I would find a priest to go bless the area, so the bodies could go to heaven, or wherever they go. He never did, so, to this day, I assume, they are still there…………………………..

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