Update valentines day 2015….

In retrospect, I still cannot believe the problems, one little emotionally based decision can cause. Wow, the outcome of this one should be looked at by soap opera producers, its so interesting human nature and what happens, read this one, I just got the conclusion straight from her mouth.

She loved him, and admitted her mistake to him, he never responded, but talked to the florist having them redeliver the flowers, after all the bad messages, he decided to have the flowers sent to the right address, never call her, and teach her a lesson, one she would never forget, he was getting ready to take a vacation to florida, was going to propose and ask her to go with him. He called his ex and cried on her shoulder about the whole thing, asking how his daughter was doing, and getting a supportive shoulder from her, she assured him that, she would never react this way, and wanted another chance to prove it.

So, in anger, he took the engagement ring, showed it to her cousin, and proceeded to drive to florida, a trip he had planned for months. She however, after her big mistake , cried for days sending , text messages, and leaving voicemails he would not read, or messages he would not listen too. She admits to me it was her fault, for over reacting, and says she doesn’t know how to fix this.

Her boss, said yes, when she requested off to fly to florida to talk to him. She packed a bag and got a flight to florida, arriving at her hotel at 2am in the morning, renting a car,, and driving to his moms house the next day.

Her heart skipped a beat, as she say him with his daughter, his pride and joy, hugging her and walking her to school.  He didn’t see the car or her, she waited for him to get back home, as he walked up, she jumped out the car, running to him, expecting it to be like a commercial, she could swear that life, slowed down for her as she walked towards him, she did her makeup, and hair, and was going to beg for forgiveness.

His ex looked out of the window, and slowly walked out, to stand besides him. The reunion, didn’t happen the way, she said, I am sorry, his ex said, I owe you a thank you, he is done with you and thanks to you he is coming back to me, we have our family back, I made a mistake too, but learned from it, he couldn’t forgive me, and now after dating you feels that he acted to quickly with me. We have a child together, he is moving back to florida, and bless you, he is a good man, we continued to talk for 2 years after the divorce, Amy is five now, and thanks to you, I have my family..back. The ex hugged her, and said thank you, her dream man, walked hand and hand with his ex, told her goodbye, and thank you. He said, I never knew how much I loved my ex, till  I dated you… she then noticed a engagement ring, on her hand, he decided, based on her decision, to re- marry his ex.

This is s true story, she lost him…and carries massive pain, but sometimes, you need to appreciate what you have, before someone else, appreciates it more. She will cry herself to sleep, for a very, very, long time. Emotional decisions, don’t work, sit back and think about it……..Thats that, wedding will be in april, and now she wishes…..she had never seen, valentines day…..

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