Use the force…….

I was having a discussion with my mother this morning about star wars, in her day my mother was one of the best psychics I have ever met. I trained under her as well as my grandmother, and relatives, who could all see things days before they happened. My grandfather predicted the price increase on gas 40 years before it happened, and started a parts recycling business, in 1962. He would buy parts from junk yards then rebuild them, and opened his own auto part store, and body and repair shop. he dreamt this idea in 1956.

Imagine, I was 9 years old, and woke up to my great grandma sitting on the end of my bed, ok thats cool right? My great grandma had been dead for about 35 years. Imagine hearing things in the night, seeing things or people that don’t exist in this reality. try to imagine, hearing voices, 16 of them at a time, and trying to figure out what is wrong with you, going to the doctor, and thinking you have a mental illness, when in reality, the doctor, who deals with psychics, gives you a test, and you get all of the questions right, the guess what objects are hidden in the box was my favorite. Imagine a hearse following you home, a grey one with a black roof, only a doll is driving and looking at you, it was a ventriloquist dummy.

Imagine, knowing the day you are going to die, but never getting to know the year, or talking to someone on the phone, and as you talk to them a movie plays in your head, showing you pretty much everything they are telling you, before they do.The psychic, story is the foundation of the star wars saga. Some of my clients call me yoda, because of my knowledge, I laugh them off and move on.

Every psychic, has their own area of expertise, like doctors, very rarely do you find someone that can do it all now….. I have to refer people, to other people because of it. So, you think you are a psychic……….think again, its not easy, and sometimes can be quite scary…..Ghost forget, and sometimes appear to you in their current state of decay, not intentional, but can be quite upsetting as you are going to the bathroom at 3 am. The smells can be horrible, and learn to read lips……meditation necessary.


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