Whats happening with the site…….updates

I love my site, helping people, is wonderful, and solves a lot of problems, but if you call a psychic and pay to here my advice, please remember you asked me and  I do my best with my gift to gave you solutions to your problems with the least amount of judgement on my part.

Currently, I have people who complain, that I don’t answer there questions in a five min reading, there are questions I simply cannot answer in five min, my service isn’t free, and if you go to wal-mart and  eat a food sample, please remember they will not give you the box for free. Please remember, this is my business, I hate being wrong, so will steer you away if cannot address your question without props.

when your paid time runs out I cannot address five more questions, be cause I work on a appointment schedule, someone is waiting after you. Please don’t beg for more time, a five min reading is just that….This is my job, if you don’t get the answer that you need, please book a reading….you get what you pay for. I currently have a client who emails me swaying I didn’t answer her question, I told her from the beginning I could not answer her question, without tarot cards, she insist I should give her 45 dollars worth of of time because she wants her question answered! She insisted other psychics would answer her question, for free, I sometimes get 25, 5 min readings a day, please feel free to them and see who will not charge you for a accurate reading…. She also told me that if I didn’t answer her question, she would demand a refund…..the reading is free???? It is to the discretion, of me and I can say no to certain question, one of which was the one she asked, I refuse to answer it….Foe example,,,,,give me the winning power-ball numbers.

In closing, the end of my valentines day story, was very tragic. He left her, moved to Florida, he didn’t leave his forwarding address, or phone, he came to her job, and took his car. Moral to the story, don’t make a decision, in love based on emotion, only….

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