About Manny Carter, psychic relationship advisor

My name is Manny Carter, and I’m here to use my psychic gift to help provide you with the direction and balance that you are looking for in your life.

I am a fourth generation psychic that stretches all the way back to my great grandmother from Tahiti in 1729 (and it's documented). I’ve dedicated my life to using my talents to help people just like you by offering tarot card readings, one on one training, character assessment, and a plethora of other services.

You might feel like you are losing balance in your life. Perhaps a major decision is forthcoming. Or maybe you want to know exactly what your significant other has been up to. My natural, clairvoyant talents and skilled use of tarot cards can provide you with the path that you seek.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in situations that you feel like you can’t control—allow me to take all of the pressure off of you by providing you with the direction that you need.

My great grandmother Nancy was so in tune with her power that she was able to visit my mother from beyond the grave. My mother couldn’t attend the funeral, but she accurately described what my great grandmother wore in her coffin. This is the power that I have inherited and that I want to share with you.

I knew I had the gift as a child. At 3 years old, I didn’t cry at my own uncle’s funeral. My dad was holding me next to the coffin. I smiled and laughed instead. We were close, and people asked why I was smiling. I said because the guy in the box said that he wanted us to be happy. I remember my dad telling me it's not appropriate to laugh.

My mom thought literally, "Oh God, what a terrible time to get your gift and a gift is exactly what it is."

I am very God-oriented. I'm very spiritual. I don't necessarily believe in any particular or specific sect of religion or Christianity as defined in the traditional sense. I know that upsets people but I just accept it.

As a student, I always knew when we were going to get a pop quiz. At first, my classmates didn’t believe me—but eventually, I’d been right so many times that they knew I was being truthful with my gifts.

I believe that you have to have faith yourself. I am about helping people. I am just different. I've always felt that way when I've helped my clients for whatever reason.

I'm not caught up as to sugar coating or telling a client what they want to hear. I look through your entire life through your funeral even. I know. It's scary but it's the truth. We someday all will cease to exist. It just happens. It's the gift of life.

The one mistake many people make when it comes to psychic readings is assuming that we know it all. That erroneous thinking couldn't be further from the truth. That line of thinking is what empowers greedy psychics to make more money off of you. I don't know it all and I will refer you to someone else if I cant help you.

Yes, I charge for my services because I need to eat and need to live somewhere. But I will not sell you something you can't use. Forget that.

Just like a doctor, if he can't solve your issue he recommends you see a specialist. I do the exact same thing. Just because I can see and talk to dead people doesn't mean I enjoy it or see it as a means to an end.

Sometimes however knowing everything this not as much fun as it appears to be. Sometimes I just don't have a choice. The information literally zaps into my head.

Sometimes I reflect upon the information zapped into my head before making a decision to tell you, as a client. Why? Simple. Sometimes my clients aren't ready to hear what I should say to them.

People can only take on so much within a limited time frame. I specialize in romantic, relationship, sex, love and dating problems for men and women. Most of my clients are women though. Men just quit caring after a while is what I found. They just leave.

Break ups suck. But not feeling and being proud of who you are as an individual is even worse. Sacrificing your own happiness to make someone else happy...a second class citizen is the worst kind of feeling in the world. You feel like you have no choice.

You have no voice and if you speak up you are lambasted. I know. I was there. Codependency sucks. No individual should ever control or have power of or over you.

A little over six years ago (in 2013) Manny was flat broke, kicked out of his own apartment and living out of his car during Christmas. Because of this business he started, he was still able to make money while living in his car because his business was built over the internet. He now lives happily lives in Show Low, Arizona, with his 26 year old girlfriend Kelly and doesn't regret a single moment of the tough times he had to go through.

Nobody needs to be a fool.

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Some Random Fun Facts About Me...

I'm famous! Not really, but close enough. In May of 2014 I was an extra in a Carlos Santana music video in Las Vegas called "Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)" [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Anthem].

Stream to 2:26-2:27 and you will see me dancing in the background! Yay, this shot was a 12 hour shot and I got in for two seconds!

Manny Carter Pictured With Bryan Cranston

I was an extra on a set one time with him. This was in 2009.