If you want to enjoy find the person of your dreams, then THIS is for YOU…

Life Is A Miracle Allow Me To Help You Live It Too The Full

Dear Friend … deep down, you already know this.

You are part of the miracle, which is the Universe.

Take a walk in the country or park when spring is in full flow and look at the sheer abundance… not just one sort of tree or leaf – but hundreds of different types.

As Louis Armstrong sang:

“What a wonderful world!”

And now, you can unlock that same wonderful world of sheer overwhelming abundance of love and romance and good times in your life – once you have the key.

And that key is being personally guided by a psychic who specializes in dating and romance to discover your true soul mate.

Hi… my name is Manny Carter. I am a fourth generation psychic. This ability has been passed down from the three previous generations. It gets stronger with each successive generation.

And I have another key advantage when it comes to helping ladies understand how to handle their guy.

I’m a guy!

If you’ve had any dealings with psychics before, you’ll realize that most psychics are women.

But, being a man puts me in a unique position, which you can take full advantage of, because it helps me see both sides of the picture with greater clarity.

And if you’re a guy seeking my help, my being a guy puts you in a powerful position because I can understand where you’re coming from and can impart some useful advice when it comes to successfully courting your woman.

And in my own personal life I am 60 years young and I am enjoying a fairy-tale long-term relationship with a wonderful lady of just 25.

There is no age barrier to true love.

Why hire me to guide you?

I do offer other services, such as my phone consultations and Tarot card readings, which I’m delighted to say many clients find is sufficient to set them on the path to their dream life.

But, if you feel the problems you’re facing are particularly hard and you cannot see your way clear to getting from the dark place you are now up to the better life you crave, then a detailed Tarot reading or even and hour-long telephone consultation might not be enough to guide you out of the minefield you find yourself in.

And that’s because your situation is too unique and your journey out will be too complex for a simple one-time phone session and needs to be broken down into simple baby steps.

That’s when you need a guide who will take you by the hand and lead you safely though the graveyard of broken dreams, past the headstones with “It’s the end of my life as I know it” carved on them and on up to the sunny uplands when you’ll be able to see your path to that dream life with crystal clear clarity.

I am extremely open minded and NEVER judge you, no matter your circumstances. I am also totally LGBTQ friendly.


"I just wanted to say thank you, for listening and taking the time and your energy to help me. I really think I was blessed the day I saw your ad in the web."

Tania (Original email held on file)

I offer you a choice of two programs of either three 30 minute sessions for $250 or six 30 minute sessions for $500.

If you would rather dip your toe in the water first, I suggest you opt for just three sessions to begin with and - if you feel you’ve made good progress, but want to retain my help and guidance for a little longer - then you can opt for a further three sessions later.

This is one of your Crossroad Days

Most days are the mind-numbingly the same, But then, once in a while, along comes a life-changing day, when making the right choice can transform your life beyond all recognition.

I call them ‘Crossroad Days’, such as the day when you chose what college to attend or what career to follow and who to spend your life with.

And then there is THIS day - when you have the golden opportunity  to finally step up to a better, more satisfying life of true love. 

Finally you’ll be able to live life as it really should be lived – full of happiness, laughter and good times.

So what will you decide to do?

Carry on as before, trying to cope with all that life throws at you on your own.


Will you realize that having me on your side, guiding your moves with my psychic powers, gives you a distinct ‘unfair advantage’ in the game of life and love, empowering you to escape to that better, brighter life that most people desire but few ever have the courage reach for.

Sounds like your choice is a complete no-brainer, so I’m really looking forward to helping you step up to that better life you deserve.


Manny Carter

Psychic Relationship Adviser

P.S. In her book, ‘Five Regrets Of The Dying’, Bonnie Ware, an Australian palliative care nurse, writes that one of the chief regrets of the terminally ill patients she nursed were the opportunities they failed to take advantage of.

So they forever wondered: “What if, I’d had to courage to go ahead and seize that opportunity, would my life have turned out differently?”

But, if you go ahead right now and book your coaching sessions, then you’ll never have to wonder …

“What if I’d had taken up Manny’s offer of help. How differently would my life have turned out?”